Gruveo : A choice to make free voice/video calls from your browser

If you want to video chat from your computer, most options require both parties have an account, install a client, add each other to friends, and then connect.But Gruveo provides you a service which is free from all such hassles. You don’t need to do registration, even no need to download any software to make free calls from browser.
To make free voice calls, video calls or instant messaging just visit and enter the number in relevant field. You and the other party you want to talk to, just have to agree on a number; that number will be your access code to connect to one another.The service is fine as a simple way to start a video chat or voice call without having to install any extra software or plugins (the service uses Flash to access your camera).
You can use Gruveo in any browser; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.
Of course, you run the risk of being connected to someone else if you use a low or simple number that someone else is already using, but if someone else’s call is in session, you won’t connect. If you do get someone else, it could be a little embarrassing. Either way, the service is free and available to try now.gruveo

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